Get to Know Us

Quintessential Hospitality Professionals

Here at Clark Hospitality, our team is comprised of world-class hospitality executives, with decades of experience in hotels, resorts, restaurants, country clubs, theme parks and food service companies. We’ve worked as Executive Chefs, General Managers, Food & Beverage Directors, Housekeepers and more.

Corporate Experience

We’ve worked for the major players in hospitality that you’d recognize: Disney, Hilton, Marriott, Preferred Hotels, Legal Seafood, and Talk of the Town Restaurants, as well as a variety of private country clubs and several food service companies.

We are experienced hospitality operators who are dedicated to help optimize your recruiting needs, whether you’re a candidate looking, or a company seeking new team members.

We Can Relate

Our experiences have been similar to yours. We’ve had the same challenges hiring and retaining the proper staff, improving Customer Satisfaction levels and optimizing profits.

We’ve been there and done that.

Let us assist with your recruitment needs at your resort hotel or restaurant.